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1975 ringing in my right ear

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salvation in white knuckles on a wheel [flexible squares]
art » robot
ophiosaur wrote in ephectic

image | live

image | live

image | live

image | live
salvation in white knuckles on a wheel
style: flexible squares
features:custom comment pages, mini icons, topbar/bottombar
browsers: FF, IE8, Safari, Chrome

wanna leave but the world won't let me goCollapse )

Took #3. Love it. Credited. :)

just saw the new comm layout.Its absolutely brilliant!

Using number two, thanks. :0

You are awesome! I'm using number four

I took number 4. This is my second or third layout I've used from you. Thanks so much and hope you're doing well with whatever you're doing...:)

My first time editing LJ theme @__@ Thank you for the nice guide and themes, completely easy to understand. I'm taking the fourth. :"3

i took #4 :)
very awesome!

Snagging #2 - it's just gorgeous. Thank you!!

Lovely! Using #1 on my journal.

Using 4. Thanks so much - it's gorgeous!

Took number 3. This is really great and thank you!

I took #3.
They're very beautiful<3.
Thank you.

thank you. they're all really beautiful.

i took mortar squad. ^^

Took #4, wow, so lovely!

These are all lovely. Snagged number 2 :]

I take #4 (: they all are lovely, thank you (:

Thank you, I'm using the number 4 and I credited you on my introduction post and profile~~

Your layouts are forever awesome :)
The old ones and the new ones alike! Gonna use some of your new layouts sometime.

snagged the first one and credited; thank you so much for sharing, they all look amazing!! =D<3

Nice layouts! I'm taking #2, thank you! :)

Took #3, thanks very much!

took #2 and using! thank you! those are wonderful!<333


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