Bloodshot eye, a ringing in the left ear

1975 ringing in my right ear

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salvation in white knuckles on a wheel [flexible squares]
art » robot
ophiosaur wrote in ephectic

image | live

image | live

image | live

image | live
salvation in white knuckles on a wheel
style: flexible squares
features:custom comment pages, mini icons, topbar/bottombar
browsers: FF, IE8, Safari, Chrome

wanna leave but the world won't let me goCollapse )

took #3 :) what should I change if I want to make it wider?

so pretty as always oh and btw, i love the layout you used here on your comm

Saving in Memories. Thank you

I took four. I love it. ♥

Took number one for my graphics journal! They were all so lovely, it was hard to choose just one =P
Thank you for sharing~

Using machine gunner. Thank you so much!

I've been looking for a black lay-out for quite sometime now.
taking 3.

thank you. :)♥

I am completely in love with #3 :)

these are awesome! and the comm layout is just mindblowing

So pretty! Took number #2, will credit when used! Thank you!

Will use #4 with credit, thank you! :D

omg, i was waiting for the day you'd release #4! thank you so much!

also, do you ever plan on releasing the code you have for your personal journal? i love that layout so much.

Thank you! Running off with #3 :)


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