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ophiosaur wrote in ephectic
You may or may not have noticed that the customised tiny icons that replace userheads/community symbols etc. on your layout has gone a little screwy. This is because LJ has added a bit to their codes or something, which they do every so often for what I can only assume to be reasons. This was some days ago now but I've been doggedly trying to fix past codes here and at MV. I've fixed as far back as all of 2009 but I'm taking a break - that's some 80-odd codes done, plus some erratic code-cleaning and re-upping of images, and then double checking, and a couple of posts needed to be re-arranged so as not to rely on live-previews for code storage. Which is time consuming and is detracting from my scheduled Dianna Wynne Jones re-reading.

I've been using a fix looks something like this:
HTML BODY img.i-ljuser-userhead {height:0px !important;width:0 !important}

However, due to my slapdash and haphazard coding this isn't always the case. Generally if you fiddle with the height, that helps, but it's best just to look at the original code and re-copy if you haven't made alterations, or if you have, then copy the relevant bit.

This probably isn't the most efficient fix, and I also haven't checked the effects in browsers other than my firefox.

BUT HEY. While we're here, tell me what you think of the layout here and if anyone's interested I could probably vajazzle it up for you. I'm not sure about the banner, personally.

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ah yes i noticed about this lately but i haven't got time to search
the problem or if someone tell ppl what's the problem abt (> <)
i'll try to use it on my css code :D thank you for the info ^^
idk why it take time so long to open that journal :/ i can't see the layout yet (> <)

edit; finally can XD it's so nice omgee i won't mind if you'll share the code omgee

i love the layout... and i'm not big on banners myself. other than that, it's terrific.

ahh wow the layout's gorgeous!!! *____*
(I'm sort of just living with the userhead thing. blah)

its gorg

Thank you so much for the code! I have been trying to find a way to fix that weird icon problem. XD

And I think the layout is gorgeous. I'd love to have abit more colors though. <3

I managed to fix up the codes I was using and then noticed that the custom userheads ppl bought were showing. I kinda liked it! But what I didn't like was that the one I picked for my layout was showing underneath, so I went back for more tweaking.

If I can figure out how to show BOTH the custom purchased userheads of my friends, and only replace the default boring ones I'd be a happy camper because some of the one-of-a-kind heads my friends splurged on are really cute and I'd love to support their purchase!

Sticking with the code you're using, you could probably throw in a .ljuser img[src*="userhead"] {width: 16px; height: 16px !important; background: transparent url() no-repeat !important;padding:0 !important} and see if that's enough for you. (You may as well get rid of the whole contextual pop-up code while you're there, they changed that shit ages ago)

Thanks! That's along the lines I was thinking but haven't had a chance to really experiment and muck about with the css other than some q&d tweaks when something goes off. I'll be sure to try that and letcha know the results!

Thanks for the context popup heads up. I'd been looking for where to trim code since I think it's starting to get unwieldy with all the importants.

I like the banner ;-; I like all headers and things...

That layout it sooo pretty! The cute bunny and the circle icon. Gorgeous layout, it would be awesome to snag some day :D

Thanks for the fix, works great :)

Aha, I figured that was what the issue was. Gotta love (?) LJ.

Love the new layout you linked! But the big question is... when will the current layout on ephectic be available for use? It's funky and all kinds of gorgeous!

omg, I've been trying to find a solution to those lj tinyicon things, it was so annoying, so thank you so much for this ♥

(also, that layout is very very awesome :D)

This layout is so pretty. Please, do share the codes. :D

Thank you very much for the fix~!

Oh my goodness, that layout looks lovely. ♥

i like the layout :)
also for the little icons that lj screwed there's the tiny icon generator by malionette that seems to work (well it worked on my layout don't know about the rest :P)

Thank you very much for your help with the tiny icons issue.

That layout is simply one of the most glorious I've ever seen.

I frankly covet it.

the fix worked perfectly with my layout, ty!!

(and the layout is great, i love how simple it is! though i'm not a fan of the bunny image and text below it u___u)

Edited at 2012-08-15 09:08 am (UTC)

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